Amar Thyagarajan

Senior Product Manager at Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Amar Thyagarajan is currently Senior Product Manager at Taconic Biosciences where he manages several portfolios of genetically engineered models that have applications in the areas of neuroscience, ADMET, carcinogenicity, cardiovascular disease, and imaging.

Dr. Thyagarajan’s scientific background is in cell biology, neuroscience, and chemical biology. He earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the State University of New York, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT. During his time as a bench scientist, Dr. Thyagarajan published several peer-reviewed articles in the areas of neuronal genetic regulatory networks, RNA biology, molecular imaging, neurodegeneration, neuronal injury and repair.

After leaving academia, Dr. Thyagarajan worked as a Scientific Advisor at Clark & Elbing, LLP, a Boston area intellectual property law firm, where he specialized in patent law in the areas of biotechnology, medicine, and chemistry. He joined Taconic in 2013 as Scientific Marketing Manager.


Science & Patent Law Professional

  • → Diversely talented professional with broad experience in intellectual property and science & technology.

  • → Experienced in managing industry and academic clients and communicating with medical, science, and legal professionals to develop strategies for technology commercialization and for protecting intellectual property.

  • → Experienced in analyzing and conveying complex technical information clearly and concisely. Experienced in client presentations and managing client relationships.


  • → Scientific Research & Analysis

  • → Intellectual Property

  • → Due Diligence & Freedom-to-Operate

  • → Science & Technical Writing

  • → Public Relations & Client Communication

  • → Analyzing and Visualizing Market Trends

  • → Working in Cross-Functional Teams

  • → Excellent Presentation Skills



    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, Massachusetts

      Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Focus: Cell/Molecular Biology, Neurobiology and Chemical Biology

    • State University of New York – Albany, New York

      Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Research Focus: Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Biochemistry Awarded Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award

    • University of Calcutta – Calcutta, India

      Master of Science in Zoology & Genetics Graduated in top 2% in class of 100

    • University of Calcutta – Calcutta, India

      Bachelor of Science (with Honors) in Zoology and Chemistry Graduated in top 5% in class of students from 56 other colleges



    • → Scientific Research & Analysis

    • → Intellectual Property

    • → Due Diligence & Freedom-to-Operate

    • → Science & Technical Writing

    • → Public Relations & Client Communication

    • → Analyzing and Visualizing Market Trends

    • → Working in Cross-Functional Teams

    • → Excellent Presentation Skills

    • Work Experience

      • Clark & Elbing, LLP, Boston, Massachusetts

        Scientific Advisor, 2012 – 2013

      • → Functioned as point of contact for key pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic clients.

      • → Leveraged background in science and technology to analyze complex technical information, understanding current market trends and states, and present findings in summary presentations for clients.

      • → Analyzed technical subject matter to advise clients on strategies for protecting intellectual property, potential infringement, and freedom-to-operate in diverse areas including neuroscience, biomarkers, biomedical devices, diagnostic/treatment methods, chemical biology, small molecules, biologics, brain-machine interface, semi-conductor devices, and environmental monitoring devices.

      • → Prepared and prosecuted US and international patent applications. Coordinated with foreign counsel to secure legal representation for clients outside of the US.

      • → Guided, trained, and coached teams of assistants in various patent-prosecution functions.

      • Key Contributions:

      • → Managed patent portfolios for six clients and ensured compliance with patent-prosecution deadlines in the US and in foreign jurisdictions.

      • → Developed IP strategies for medium sized biotech client that led to licensing of their small molecule therapeutic to a global pharmaceutical company.

      • → Advised an environmental monitoring company on IP strategies for changing their product design without infringing competing products.

      • → One of the first people in the firm to develop strategies to address Patent Office rejections based on Mayo v. Prometheus and Myriad Supreme Court decisions that affected the entire medical diagnostics industry.

      • → Demonstrated consistent track record of meeting all deadlines on budget, including those with very-short notice (12 hours or less) or on very tight budgets.

      • → Resolved patent disputes (such as inventorship disputes) between clients.

      • → Represented firm in recruitment events, e.g., career fairs.

      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

        Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007 – 2012

      • → Coordinated establishment of a neuroscience program as sole neurobiologist in a chemistry lab.

      • → Established and maintained all logistical operations (worth approx. $400 K) related to neuroscience projects.

      • → Interfaced with vendors in procuring scientific equipment and software.

      • Key Contributions:

      • → Developed methods to study molecular processes underlying brain development. Used high-level quantitative and statistical analyses to visualize trends in biological data.

      • → Spearheaded planning, launch, and execution of several neuroscience projects, including five collaborative projects with neuroscience labs at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Duke.

      • → Secured and managed funds for two fellowship grants totaling $160,000.

      • → Recruited, trained, and managed four lab technicians, and mentored four graduate students and two undergraduate students.

      • Graduate Research Assistant / Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2000 – 2007

        State University of New York, Albany, New York

      • → Conceived and led a new research program on genetic regulatory networks involved in brain development, neuronal repair / regeneration, and neurodegenerative disorders.

      • → Partnered with other university labs in coordinating collaborative agreements for shared use of research equipment and reagents.

      • → Negotiated with vendors in cost-effective purchase of lab equipment and reagents.

      • Key Contributions:

      • → Developed and optimized assays studying gene regulation in the developing brain; project resulted in two NSF grants totaling more than $600K, six lab publications, and three student PhD theses.

      • → Program has since become focus of lab’s research efforts, despite initially focusing on a separate area of research.

      • → Instructed undergraduate biology and genetics courses to ~300 students. Prepared course materials, delivered / evaluated exams, and assisted students with lab activities.


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